An art game like you never played before

Handmade by artists. Perfect for an evening with friends or a loved one.





The journey is an interactive art piece that takes you on a  treasure hunt. A unique gift or group activity to play at home.

Expect art and curious objects, surprising flavors and digital wanderings. Are you ready for an adventure? Let’s play. 

THE 4 unique ingrediënts of each journey

The entire journey consists of a collection of hand picked gifts woven into a sequence of 25 puzzles and riddles. 

The latest limited edition series contains 10 Journeys. Check the availability.

Ingrediënt 1/4

PUZZLES & Riddles

It’s like an escape room, but then a mystical one. The keys for the different steps in The Journey are hidden in puzzles and riddles. Do you like a challenge? We have an advanced edition.

Ingrediënt 2/4

Gifts & art

Each journey includes handmade gifts and artwork from 10 different artists.

Ingrediënt 3/4

Digital wanderings

The treasure hunt partially takes you on a journey in the digital environment. Think interactive games and artsy puzzles. Get ready.

Ingrediënt 4/4


Some elements in the journey are personalized. Explore the selection of curated main gifts , which will be the ending of The Journey. You can choose what it will be.

Whine, whiskey, a book, experience, art piece or something flavorful. Put together with love, a curated selection of work by local artists, writers and other creatives. 

We will help you choose. Contact us.


“The Journey of” experience is like getting a box filled with magic that you can open up in the comfort of your house. 

It’s like food delivery, but you’re ordering a unique and carefully crafted experience, that unfolds in your livingroom.

Every step of the puzzle made me feel like I was a kid again, searching for clues and discovering what’s behind each challenge, with an amazing reword waiting at every corner.

The journey will make you laugh and wonder about the endless possibilities of chasing the rabbit down the hole.”

- Ramiro


we listed some questions for you

The journey starts with opening the box. The box contains art, presents and hints that tingle the senses and the mind. Tumbling through the magical journey, ultimately you’ll find the key to the main present.

The journey is a unique game to play at home. The only thing you really need is a good internet connection. The  journey takes approximately 2-3 hours (or longer, depending on your ingenuity in finding spacy loopholes).

The journey is ideal to experience with a group, friend or loved one. 

The box is adjusted to the amount of players. Recommended max = 12.

In the sign-up form we ask you for some input that will be integrated in the journey. Every journey is one of a kind, personalized for you. The end gift is personalised. We help you selecting the right option for the right person or group. contact us sign-up form for more information.
Every unique series of The Journey Of features contributions from a selection of local artists.

Each journey contains scavenge hunted objects that are hand picked for this journey. This makes each journey unique on its own.

The latest limited edition serie contains 10 Journey’s. Check the availability.

The journey costs 365.-. If you want a box for more then 4 persons, it costs +36.- per person extra. We have some curated options and optionally, you can choose your own end gift. The extra costs vary based on your choice. Contact us to discuss the options.

Sending costs in NL are 6.75 and pickup in Amsterdam for free.

If you have any other questions, you always can contact us!


Fill in the form below to request The Journey of Limited Edition Artisan Treasure Hunt Giftbox.

 You’ll be contacted within 2 working days. After placing the order, The Journey takes maximum 10 days to arrive at your doorstep. If you need it sooner, then let us know in the form.

Let's personalize. Some steps in the journey will be customized based on the information from below.
The Journey Of // 1 experience
The journey costs 365.- and if it's for more then 4 people, it's +36.- per person.

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